Identity for a film production company. The concept behind the project is "the stories we tell, the images we make". Around that idea the business cards resemble film scripts that involve each member of the company as a character. At the same time the picture in the front was taken by the same person. Showing the visual and narrative talent of each and every member.
Concept, design & art direction
Gogo Fresh
Gogo Fresh was an interesting blend of healthy dishes and the indulgent taste of Colombian street food. Sadly, the project sank before it came out. It was nice while it lasted. Brand design & Art Direction.
Concept, design & art direction
Brand identity design for a Bogotá based film production company. 
Concept, design & art direction
Cacao & Verde
Cacao & Verde (Cocoa & Green) is a new food service concept combining healthy tasty dishes and homemade bakery. Besides expanding the delivery menu, C&V has recently entered the packaged foods market with healthy options to eat on the go. Offering a wide variety of options, Cacao & Verde is a flexible company committed to deliver quality food for any occasion: family gatherings, work meetings, holidays, you name it, C&V has you covered.
Concept, design & art direction.
Logo Collection
A selection of logos made for different clients, projects, rejected proposals etc.
Concept, design & art direction
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